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Monthly selected video interviews with stars on topics:
July/Aug 09: Stars in the entertaining industry. Find interviews by click on treasure box:
*Talk about the mega star Michael Jackson, hasn't the world and people learned inspiration and lessens from Michael's life journey?

* Susan Boyle - a 47 years old single woman...
Susan Boyle: a post-industrial home town, a lovely voice, and disdain for a makeover

*John Woo is an acclaimed Hong Kong and Hollywood film director. His latest movie, Red Cliff, is the most expensive ever made in Asia Does John has advices to young Asian movie directors? Listen to what he has to say. watch...

* Find out the meg director star of Hollywood Ron Howard how he implies integredy, moral concions and less control ... in his movie making and work with others. Watch...

* More...find them yourself

Sept.: Homeless to Harvard Part 1

Oct.: Photo Folles_thanks to Herb Gee who forwarded us this inspirational file.
Nov.: Birds and Sayings_thanks to Herb Gee who forwarded us this inspirational file.
Dec.: Beaute Sauvage_thanks to Herb G. who forwarded us this inspirational file.
Video Clips - International student in Vancouver
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