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About AchieveCanada.Info

AchieveCanada.Info is a Vancouver based BC company that specialized in student internship, training, job planning and job application service. We also help students find places to live and visa application service
Our mandates:

  • Our mandates: Screen, select and put together career/job leads, job fairs and network information for someone seeks change. Develop, bridge training programs that are most beneficial to Anyone who wishes to succeed in Canada Provide Chinese <-> English service to all levels of governments, courts, health care units and immigrants
We believe every human has great potential to achieve successes and to reach the fullest of his and her life at Any age. To realize amazing results, one must grow the desire to succeed, must Find- Learn-Apply knowledge, skills & mind set that will drive wisely. Therefore, we endeavor to assist you to reach your goals.

We invite you, to grow along with us and who have or will be benefited from the opportunities provided in this web site venue.