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International Student Program

Jump Start: 10Day program 1600.00
Advanced: 20Day program 2800.00

Term: Fall, Spring, Summer
- Free Internship- click for details
Forcus on:
Events communication skills & management
Applicant Minimum Qualifications:
* Graduated from high school or university
* Age: 19 +
* Speak, read and write English
Desirable Skills:
* Self-motivation and willingness to learn
* Detail oriented, responsible and Honest
* Basic communication skills and good Manner
* Intern relevant knowledge background is required
Further clarification:

* Working Experience Required: No
*This Program is open to: Anyone qualified who wants to gain Canadian business operational experience or plan a future career in Canada
*Participants Travel to Canada: Independently at own cost
*During internship: Live, work Independently at own cost

Visa, homestay arrangement, see contact link

Internship placement fields:
* Business operation at all size local companies
* Non-government services
* Local governments at all levels
*Tourism, Food Industry, Health Care and Media
*Administration, Finance, Marketing & Services
Jump Start Program: Total 10 Days, Max. 20Days

Description: Total 10 Days. Optional* additional intern placement 10 days based on availability.

- 5Day Jump Start Program intensive-learning
1.Intern field latest rules and government policies
2.Overview of the field business operation and the industry

- 5Day Internship Under supervision
1.Use learnt skills in real business projects
2. Ask questions and put together a presentation on a real business project.
3. One-time of Career related Network

* Optional additional intern placement 10 day based on availability.

Advanced Program: Total 20 Days, Max. 40 Days

Description: Total 20 Days. Optional* additional intern placement 20 days based on availability.

- 10Day Advanced Program intensive learning
1. Intern field rules and government policies in depth
2. Overview of field business operation in depth
3. Field trip: meet the field expert and officials

- 5Day Under supervision to use learnt skills in real business projects; 5Day without supervision, submit final report and deliver board room presentation on 10th Day.
1. Apply learned effective business & marketing skills
2. Learn project management, leadership, negotiation skills
3.Two to Three times of Career and business Network

* Optional for additional 20 days intern placement, should the opening available.

* Email us your Resume
* A one-page essay to outline your personal goal in applying this internship program
* Three Reference names with contact information: Tel number and Email Address
* USD150.00 deposit required to begin the process
(100.00 refundable should you not pass our screen or the    internship provider company is not available)
Programs Cost in USD or CAD
10 Day Jump Start Program: 1600.00
20 Day Advanced Program: 2800.00
* Prices subject to change without notice
-New & Free Internship-
Events communication skills & management
This program only available Prior election opens in Canada. ALL training is Non-partisan. Focus on:
1. Learn Canadian Culture, ethics & democracy in action.
2. Learn up-scaled communication skills & etiquettes: look, language, attitude on the phone, on internet and in person.
3. Learn info & data management, basics of project mgmt.
Who should apply for this lifetime opportunity?
- Overseas students over 18 years old with fluent English, desire to get to know Canada in real world, to meet Canadians and new Canadians outside of school box.
- Canadians over 17 years old who wish to renew knowledge of democracy at home and wish to learn all above public communication skills and basic event management skills.

Note: Above skill trainings market price from 500.00 to 3000.00 vary. Selected applicants get FREE while the program is available.

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